Your health and carbon dioxide (CO2)

Fresh air is good for your health. Carbon dioxide is not. What does it mean and what impact does carbon dioxide (CO2) have on your health? How healthy is your office and home environments? And how does it compare to the outside? Let’s find out. CO2 and health – Theory Indoor air quality is a… Read More »

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Just last month I’ve attended the PRINCE2 Foundation training. It seemed a bit too early to go ahead with Practitioner, but I’m glad I did. Intro I’ve had an opportunity to attend the second part of PRINCE2 (PRojects IN a Controlled Environment. Prince. Version 2.) training a bit sooner than I felt comfortable. Didn’t get much… Read More »

PRINCE2 Foundation

I’ve attended Prince2 Foundation training last week. Want to share my experience and impressions. Intro A bit of background story first and what the Prince2 is about. PRojects IN a Controlled Environment. Prince. Version 2. Prince2 is a methodology (not a method, but a science! – as some source love to point out) for Project Management.… Read More »

TechDay 2016 Riga

Intro Had the pleasure to attend a Microsoft TechDay 2016 Riga event this year. Haven’t been there since 2012 (described here). Let’s see what’s new. The highlight (pinnacle I would even say) of TechDay 2012 was the security lecture by Paula Januszkiewicz and me winning a laptop bag and an MS t-shirt. This year was different. I did not… Read More »

Building a Silent mini PC: What can go wrong

Intro There are a lot of great resources that have detailed guides on how to choose PC components, a bit less great resources on how to choose quiet PC components, but are there any resources that explain to you and guide you through the “What can go wrong” question every silent/quiet PC builder should ask… Read More »

Sysinternals Sysmon – monitoring your system and handling the output

I’ve been excited about the long past announcement (Aug 2014) of a new utility from Sysinternals – Sysmon! System Monitor (Sysmon) is a Windows system service and device driver that, once installed on a system, remains resident across system reboots to monitor and log system activity to the Windows event log. It provides detailed information… Read More »

Virtual Mobile Devices

“Virtual Mobile Devices” – now that’s an expression you don’t hear often. First thing that pop-up in my mind is the platform for developers – Xamarin, which isn’t really correct, because it’s a way to code your apps in C# and instantly make them available cross-platform – iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Turns out there is… Read More »

Amazon AppStream

Wanted to do a review of “Amazon AppStream” – Amazon AppStream lets you deliver your Windows applications to any device. Started with the intro video first; emphasis on heavy graphics, cross platform and scalability. Got pushed away by pricing – 132.8$ per user per month or 192$ per user per month and region availability – no Europe. What’s pretty… Read More »