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By | 18th September 2012

I’ve been so excited about a lot of things and it’s hard to pull myself together and put everything under one post, but here goes.

Study just completely blows my mind, as a concept, as a future development and even more – the understanding of the underlying technologies, things and events that make this possible today.

And of course it complements the basic human need – getting things for free is nice. 😉 The most challenging part right now is forcing yourself to allocate those hours for video lectures and homework.

I’m personally signed up for and

All things IT

Seeing as how Apple failed to revolutionize the market with their latest and greatest iPhone 5 (n) – I’m sticking with my Android Galaxy SII which, by the way, has more than enough computing power to handle daily tasks, which cannot be said for the cellular operator in my country, with 3G network coverage less than 50% of the places I usually go to (unless you trust the marketing materials, which say otherwise). Oh well, at least I keep history of network speed tests, Android SpeedTest comes in handy.

x220 notebook has now failed me once since I’ve bought it earlier this year – XenServer 6.0+ just fails to install on it and comes up with a permament black screen after reboot, which makes troubleshooting complicated.

Citrix certifications

It’s perfect time to grab them now, with constant demand for XenApp and less so for XenDesktop, but on the bright side – many customers will want all the solutions in one box, so XenServer might see some love too.

And yes – it’s 3 more to go for me:

CCA for Citrix XenServer 6

CCAA for Citrix XenApp 6

A25 Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution

I can’t stress enough how good are materials for this, they’re totally worth the buck and highly recommended. I enjoyed a bit less, but they’re great too.

Though, sometimes I wonder – if selling knowledge is more profitable for some enterprises than using it, does it still hold value?


“People don’t make money, money makes money.”