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techday lv 2012

Techday Latvia 2012 was a great place to be.

Superb organization, diverse lectures and friendly people.

I’ve been particularly amazed by the following presentation:

10 Deadly Sins of Administrators about Windows Security

Paula Januszkiewicz

Microsoft Most Valued Professional

Although I’ve kept the security subject in sight there are some cool features/known facts that I’ve certainly missed. Best part of the presentation was that it answers all those “Why do we do that and have this functionality” kind of questions, why are the products developing in a specific direction and etc.

Mix this up with a good sense of humor, a cute, passionate presenter – and you’ve got yourself a presentation you must attend. 😉

I’ve been so impressed that after attending the lecture spent some time googling up the information on her presentation and this subject and it turns out she did quite a few of them over the recent years and some of the info in those presentations cross-matches.

And here’s the sad part – I bet it’s not exciting at all to go through the same and same kind of info on numerous conferences over the years, must take an immense amount of patience.

Anyway – amazing, energetic person that really gets the message to you.

On top of that – participated in the lottery roll out and to my surprise I won, not the main prize – X-Box, but still a nice enough laptop bag plus some other minor things like an MS T-Shirt which signifies that I’ve sold my soul to the devil (ms). 😉

Good times.

.chm navigation cancelled and app-v

The good old message about .chm “Navigation to the webpage was canceled. What you can try: Retype the address.” has got me again!

I’ve been completely sure that I’ve nailed it pretty well with the following MS KB –

But it turns out there are even more things that you can dig into.




My app is a 64-bit one and has been calling the 64 bit hh.exe, I pretty much though that the registry settings I’ve applied must have nailed the security settings:


<REGKEY HIVE=”HKLM” KEY=”SOFTWARE\Microsoft\HTMLHelp\1.x\ItssRestrictions”>




But they failed to work, so I remembered there has been a neat feature with registry redirection that sealed the deal:


<REGKEY HIVE=”HKLM” KEY=”SOFTWARE\Microsoft\HTMLHelp\1.x\ItssRestrictions” NOREDIR=”TRUE”>




The NOREDIR attribute is optional and new in version 4.6 and defaults to FALSE when not present. Allowed values are TRUE/FALSE

When working on a 64-bit OS, registry values set using the OSD support redirection, just as the application normally would. Setting NOREDIR to TRUE tells the client that these registry settings being defined here should not be redirected as they normally would be.Normally you do NOT need to set this to run x86 applications on x64. This is simply an override in case you should need it.

P.S. Non app-v related .chm failure checklist –