Monthly Archives: January 2013

World is a small place

Just when you think the planet cannot possible shrink any further – it magically does.

Some time ago I’ve been browsing through TED’s presentations, “Mikko Hypponen: Fighting viruses, defending the net” to be more specific. 10:00+ peaked my interest where the orator talks about a signature left in one of the virus files – a Russian car plate number, which belongs to “a security expert” – sporaw, now, the guy is good – the blog entry where he wrote his own piece of software to recover data from a HDD really got to me. :), but it’s not about that.

At the same time, when I have a moment or two, I like to peek at what’s going on in the Russian part of the internet and seeing as how I’m just a bit into politics (sometimes when I want to get down to earth and feel a bit more dirty), I occasionally monitor the Russian blog community of LJ, which is pretty heavily centered on women beauty and cosmetics, funny pictures of cats and politics.

Now I remembered, that the earlier mentioned character’s name came up in a story related to Russian opposition politics e-mail account being stolen. And judging by the way blogger with a Mercedes expresses his eternal feelings of hatred for the opposition (and even did a very detailed (and biased) review of the situation) – there are serious reasons to suspect that he was the one that hacked the gmail account. He has been accused of doing that, but surprisingly denied the allegations. My money’s on him anyway.

Now, the fun part for me is that these two non-related things and resources cross-reference in a very surprising way, knowing that I didn’t read the news sites to get to this. Strange times indeed.