Cloud technologies and good times

By | 1st February 2013

To my surprise – our local MS office @ Riga hosts a number for events for both Developers and IT Pro’s.

A friend of mine dragged me into one of them: “What you need to know to build your own Private Cloud”. To my surprise – there were very few people attending this (at least from It Pro’S, there was a swarm of developers, though), in the end we sat down with only 5 people and spent an extra hour discussing the presentation and personal experiences.

The conference was all about praising MS’s System Center products and comparing them to VMWare (5.0, instead of 5.1, I might add) and Citrix (no RedHat). The good thing, however, was the amount of cynicism and fun we took out of it and in the end of the day – it was more of a cozy experience sharing event than anything else.

Main speaker was DPA’s lead architect Andrejs Mamontovs – a special thanks to him for getting into this event. The DPA is partially involved with infrastructure solutions for different Latvian customers.

I would suspect that adaptation of such data center aimed products as System Center will be slow in Latvia. 🙂

DRAFT Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations; Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology