Monthly Archives: March 2013

It’s the little things

It’s the little things.

Recently I’ve been using a utility (think telnet.exe or ftp.exe) that has a lot of command-line parameters and some of them return too much data to be correctly viewable, my workaround included writing all commands inside a text file, passing them to the executable and writing the executable output to a text file.

I’ve just remembered that both command prompt and powershell have a screen buffer size setting. A single check box can make you happy; so many ways to do things. 🙂

Recent developments


Recently been involved with hitting Citrix certifications, hard. It did pay off, I’m now officially “Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer for Virtualization“.

“A25 Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution” exam was the most relevant one in terms of what you do and encounter when operating an environment involving Citrix products and solutions.

In terms of actually preparing for the exam – I did not take any official trainer-led courses, those would be too rough for my budget. I did have access to and, those, plus the KB and citrix forums helped a lot. Of course – a lot of hands-on was also involved, which led me to consider that 16 GBs of RAM is not really enough. 🙂

I’ve also made small text notes with links to KBs and useful command lines, all of those helped.

Overall – I’m very satisfied with the experience, not so much with actually getting the certification, the fun part is working for it. 😉