1Y0-300 Exam XenDesktop 7 Prep Guide

By | 11th November 2013

Citrix decided to revamp it’s certification paths, which is expected and pretty typical in certification business: keep people stressed, rename exams, update exams to reflect newer product version. etc.

Prove it. Again.


Having a CCEE certification, Citrix is suggesting the following: “CCEE for Virtualization certificants can achieve the Citrix Certified Professional (CCP-AD) by passing the Professional-level exam, 1Y0-300.”


At the time of writing this the information available on the internet is pretty vague. I will be sharing the information I’ve found useful for preparing for this exam. I’ve jumped right ahead to 7.1, as the changes are minor.

Official prep guide for the 1Y0-300 (Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions). Standard citrix prep guide, the links to multiple KB articles are useful. There are even sample questions available.

http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/xendesktop/cds-xendesktop-71-landing-page.html – edocs.

Introduction to Citrix XenDesktop 7 and Citrix Certification – cbtnuggets. Great value.


Field notes:

1) The most annoying things is (once again) XenServer hypervisor compatibility with Hyper-V Role. I know installing a hypervisor on a hypervisor is not a supported scenario (surprisingly), but it does work for VMWare Workstation which generally has better compatibility and in LAB environments there’s no other way to go around it if you want to properly practice XenDesktop.

XenServer 6.0.2 works on Hyper-V in Win8 out of the box. Although there still were some issues which prevented me from using the full functionality, so I went with VMWare as my final choice. 

XenServer 6.2.0 doesn’t (by default) hangs on “Detecting hardware”, disabling ACPI detection helps (“/boot/xen.gz no-real-mode acpi=off watchdog com1=115200.8n1 console=com1,tty”). Then the installation drags on to 55% and freezes. I scrapped the idea of using XS 6.2.

2) One additional disappointment was that App-V 5.0 does not work with SQL Express (Totally forgot that one! The Installler does not recognize an SQL Express instance, maybe there’s a way to “hack” the installation to skip some of the checks, but I haven’t played around with it that long). It clearly says so in this technet article:

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, or Web Server)


SP1 and higher


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (Standard, Datacenter)



This is quite a horrible gesture from MS with no logical explanation.

Another horrible thing is excluding c++ redist from the App-V installation media.

3) Published resource keyword descriptions. KEYWORDS:Auto, KEYWORDS:Featured, KEYWORDS:prefer=””


To be updated.