ITIL Expert – feelings, experiences and is it / was it worth it

By | 27th February 2015

ITIL Expert certification – complete.

When looking back it’s been a long road since ITIL Foundation 3+ years ago, never really imagined I would end up taking this path, I would say it’s a case of being in these circumstances and taking the opportunity. For me – it just happened and as a bonus I’ve passed all exams from the first time.

There was no hidden agenda except learning new things, benchmarking myself and maybe comparing how it goes in the hyped best practices kind of angle.

It’s already been some time and I can say the trend for people with at least intermediate level ITIL certifications is on the rise in the Latvian job market.

There’s also a strong demand for ITIL trainers in Europe, but at this point it’s not the career or time investment I want to be looking at.

In addition to other bazillion articles that struggle with the question should you or should you not take the certification to reach ITIL Expert I would say that for IT Pros, Managers, CIOs – an intermediate course or two would prove good value as of state of things in the industry for 2015. Depending on which specific area you’re involved with you can go either for Service Operation/Service Transition or the more high level Service Strategy/Service Design. The Continual Service Improvement one I still have doubts about, take it last if you will.

Two intermediate certifications will do you good. Three is OK, further would better be served with a mix of investment in alternative education endeavours.

The dataz:

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