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PowerShell – Track AD user account lockout

Had a situation when I needed to track if there is pattern to Active Directory account lockouts, a script that just does that and can be configured as a scheduled task. Essentially it’s pretty straightforward, the only concern was that the built-in PowerShell cmdlet of Export-CSV has no append support, so I had to find a custom one.

function Watch-grADAccountStatus {

 [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, ValueFromPipeline=$true,
           ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true, Position=0)]
 $User = Get-ADUser $Identity -Properties *
 $ScriptTimeStamp = Get-Date
 $UserName = $User.Name
 $Path =  $UserName + "_AD_Account_Status.csv"
 $User | Add-Member -membertype NoteProperty -name ScriptTimeStamp -Value $ScriptTimeStamp -Force
 $User | Export-Csv $Path -Append -NoTypeInformation

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A small cool device that made my life easier – Kinivo BTC455 Bluetooth

Kinivo BTC455 Bluetooth is a small cool device that made my life easier. Now I can finally start music from my device and listen to it in the car without having to constantly play around and plug in a AUX 3.5 mm cable. And it’s 2015.

As soon as the engine is started it pairs up with Android/Iphone/what have you and starts playing where it left off. An additional bonus is that is supports pairing with two devices, has a mic + call support (of course) and track forward/back buttons.
Can’t imagine how I lived without one. Everyone should buy either this or a new car. 😉
First time experience with Amazon too, what surprised me is that their estimated delivery time was exactly spot on.