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By | 10th April 2015

Had the pleasure to attend one such event this Thursday (09-Apr-2015) #Latcraft. Wasn’t there for the whole deal, cause 5 speakers and presentations was a bit lengthy for my liking.

Even though I’m not really into development or AWS for that matter, I enjoyed it quite much, the first 3 presentations and especially the “(18:15) AWS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY, AND THE USE CASE” were a blast!

(16:15) LEAN IN THE CLOUD from Martin Elwin (Solution Architect at AWS) was sales focused presentation with great motivational slides and AWS functionality promotion, but little practical advice.

(17:15) BUILDING SCALABLE CLUSTER WITH AWS, COREOS AND MESOS by Jakub Veverka (Sys. Engineer at 4Finance) was completely out of my comfort zone, but was a live (!!!) demo presentation that actually worked!

(18:15) AWS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY, AND THE USE CASE by Juris Pavlyuchenkov (Sys. Admin at took the stage with humor and great practical advice with transparent human language (Route53 vs DNS, haha) and straight to the point approach.

The crowd was mostly young people (myself included) with chilled and friendly atmosphere.