Serious Business in Latvian Energy sector

By | 5th June 2015

I’ve jumped the hype train with the announcement from TESLA MOTORS about their home device electrical battery powered by solar – PowerWall. Mostly because it’s a geeky and a cool concept, but also related to the recent change in Latvian electricity market – “open market” they called it.

I won’t dwell on the specifics, because they don’t matter, what matters is that the price of electricity increased for my household (and for everyone else, to be honest), so much for this “open” notion or whatever it’s called.

So, I’ve been talking to my friend from Russia and asked how much electricity costs for them and it turns out it’s 9 times cheaper than in Latvia! Nine times cheaper. He just didn’t understand why would anyone buy batteries from TESLA. Talk about a culture gap.

Average kWh cost in Latvia = 0.18 EUR (Example)

Average kWh cost in Russia = 0.02 EUR (Example)

What I found hilarious, though, is this page right here with the list of electricity “providers”.

So instead of paying a lower price to a government monopoly we ended up going through a price increase and having some wonderful providers with no home page and a business address on a public

Can’t wait to get alternative energy solutions for our market too! A mini-nuclear reactor or a solar panel for every household, I say!


P.S. And it’s not an IT post, again!