Amazon AppStream

By | 8th July 2015

Wanted to do a review of “Amazon AppStream” – Amazon AppStream lets you deliver your Windows applications to any device. Started with the intro video first; emphasis on heavy graphics, cross platform and scalability.

Got pushed away by pricing – 132.8$ per user per month or 192$ per user per month and region availability – no Europe.

What’s pretty cool is that they allow you develop your own client app and some other custom features (such as an Entitlement Service).

Will have to get back to this when things improve.


  • 01-Jul-2015 No Europe. Limited region availability – “Q: What regions will my application be streamed from? A: AppStream is available in US East (N.Virginia) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo). AppStream will stream the application from the region in which it has been deployed to.”
  • 01-Jul-2015 Pricey. $0.83/hr (US East (N.Virginia)) and $1.20/hr (Asia Pacific (Tokyo)). 160 working hours per month is 132.8$ per user per month or 192$ per user per month
  • Amusing comment – “During the streaming application deployment, you may experience poor performance. This is caused by the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection to the instance and does not reflect the actual streaming performance.”