Serious Business in Latvian Energy sector

I’ve jumped the hype train with the announcement from TESLA MOTORS about their home device electrical battery powered by solar – PowerWall. Mostly because it’s a geeky and a cool concept, but also related to the recent change in Latvian electricity market – “open market” they called it. I won’t dwell on the specifics, because they… Read More »

BlogEngine to WordPress 2015

I was a bit fed up with general lack of community plugins and contributions for BlogEngine (and writing posts became a headache and a chore) so I decided to move over to WordPress and was so happy that decided to write this handy survival guide. There are quite a few guides out there, the one unique thing… Read More »

PowerShell – Track AD user account lockout

Had a situation when I needed to track if there is pattern to Active Directory account lockouts, a script that just does that and can be configured as a scheduled task. Essentially it’s pretty straightforward, the only concern was that the built-in PowerShell cmdlet of Export-CSV has no append support, so I had to find… Read More »

IT guys adventures in finance – how to earn a million

I’m going to take a bit of a detour from my typical IT-focused technical posts and explore a thing that’s been a very dear subject to me recently – finance. This post will come along with a typical header message saying that you shouldn’t take information here as the absolute truth, professional consultation advice or the only… Read More »