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Building a Silent mini PC: What can go wrong

Intro There are a lot of great resources that have detailed guides on how to choose PC components, a bit less great resources on how to choose quiet PC components, but are there any resources that explain to you and guide you through the “What can go wrong” question every silent/quiet PC builder should ask… Read More »

Building a silent PC

Intro Even though “Gartner Says Worldwide PC Shipments in the Second Quarter of 2013 Declined 10.9 Percent” and the tendency is not about to change any time soon, I decided to go ahead and upgrade my “old” workstation (fall 2011, sandy bridge platform). Main concerns were warranty and silence. My main suspect for the PC… Read More »

Choosing a laptop

Want to buy yourself a new laptop? Let me help you save some time and headache by guiding you through this grueling and complicated process! Do your research Finding out what you need is the hardest part, but it can also turn out to be some of the most enjoyable and exciting stage of getting… Read More »