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Consumed RAM not being displayed in Windows 8

Recently ran into an issue when my PC with 16 Gbs of memory started using about 10Gb without any virtual machines running. Task Manager and Process Explorer both showed decent consumption numbers that didn’t go out of norm, this got me curious, because about 5-6 Gbs were missing. I remember another awesome sysinternals utility – RAMMap:… Read More »

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Window Consumer Preview is out Got my copy today @ http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/consumer-preview The fun ends on 13-Jan-2013. It’s not yet clear on how this date will be enforced – iether only “legally” or blocking access to the system or parts of it’s functionality. Got it set up on a x220 laptop (not a touchscreen), reviewing the… Read More »